Work Hardening & Work Conditioning



This is an individually designed functional restoration program aimed at regaining work function in the injured worker.  Injured workers will be guided in progressive therapeutic exercises, overall conditioning, self care, and proper body mechanics to ensure a safe return to full functional capacity.  The focus is to increase a client’s physical and functional work tolerances for an 8-hour work day.  The program is tailored to meet each individual’s needs and goals are based on either the return to a defined job, increasing general work capacity for vocational rehabilitation, or conditioning the client’s work endurance to enable a more successful return to work. 


The Program:

The program consists of three primary components:

  1. Exercise and Strengthening

  2. Work Simulation

  3. Building Cardiovascular Work Endurance

The average program runs 3-6 weeks, 5 days/week for up to 4 hours/day.  The first day includes three hours of evaluation by a Certified Rehabilitation Specialist (PT/OT/AT) in order to identify functional abilities and limitations.  At that point in time, the clinician will recommend an appropriate schedule, goals and expectations within the program.  A re-evaluation is performed every two weeks during the program to re-assess the client’s progress.  Additional treatment approaches may also include on-site job coaching or transitional work activities to ensure a safe return to a full day as identified on a case-by-case basis.


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