Industrial Ergonomics

what is it?

Ergonomics is the science that facilitates an employee’s maximum productivity, consistent quality, and long-term physical and mental health and safety.  The science focuses on human physical and mental capabilities and limitations in the design of work tasks, workstations, tools, equipment, human biomechanics and environment.  Our therapists are Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialists (CEES) who work with many Vermont and New York companies, the insurance industry and in the legal arena, identifying risk factors and outlining cost effective solutions that work for your company.




what are the options?

IHMS can provide a therapist who is a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist (CEES) to evaluate employees throughout your building.

This is typically done in two different ways:

  1. Individual Ergonomic Evaluations:  IHMS can be contracted on an as-needed basis to evaluate one or more employees who are currently reporting aches or pains or having concerns associated with their work space. As these employees may be reporting discomfort, more time is spent discussing the history of an injury and early intervention stretches may be given in addition to the ergonomic evaluation. Meeting with an employee’s supervisor, as well obtaining a case history may also be included. The employer will receive a report of employee subjective complaints, as well as ergonomic changes completed, and any additional changes that may need further attention.

  2. Preventative Ergonomic Evaluations:  IHMS can schedule a therapist to be on site for a block of time to complete preventative evaluations of work areas or specific tasks.  The employer will receive a report with recommendations and findings. 


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