Doxy Services


As part of the Doxy remote consultation, workers are provided with computer ergonomic education outlining best work position and posture, as well as appropriate stretches for workers who perform office work.
The purpose of providing these ergonomic assessments is focused on adjusting the current workstation’s layout to promote comfort, improve productivity and manage risk of employees developing injuries, as well as providing education on habits and technique, which could promote injury.

Following the evaluation, IHMS clinician will provide an email summary to the employee outlining identified risks and recommendations for ergonomic improvement of home setup. Ergonomic recommendations will focus on utilizing available home equipment whenever possible. Ergonomic recommendations may also include examples for additional equipment purchase opportunities when appropriate. These may be for personal purchase or used for discussion with a manager for potential purchase by the employer.

If potential ergonomic work injuries are identified as part of the consultation, the IHMS clinician will encourage follow-up with a manager for reporting.