Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)


What is it?

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a reliable test used to help determine an injured person's ability to tolerate work activities.  Using the Matheson System, our certified evaluators will outline the person's work capacity; Functional tolerances for work positions, dexterity, upper extremity use, level of effort, and overall subjective reliability.  The Matheson System is designed to help close workers' compensation cases.  Our evaluators have experience as expert witnesses in regards to functional testing.  We are "thinking evaluators" who will answer your questions!


what does it include?


how are Functional Capacity Evaluations used?

  1. To determine if the client is providing full effort and validate their current safe abilities and limitations for work tasks.

  2. To determine if their current demonstrated abilities match their perceived abilities and if their subjective reports of pain are reliable and consistent with their diagnosis and level of demonstrated function.

  3. To compare the client’s demonstrated abilities during testing to current job requirements provided to assess whether the client has the ability to return to work in the same position, a new position, or an accommodated position.

  4. To help provide objective data to move cases toward closure via job match, additional rehab recommendations (if requested), or abilities match for vocational rehabilitation.


Our Goal:

To effectively determine a person's work and functional capacities in comparison to work requirements.


Who Provides the Service?

"Certified Work Capacity Evaluators."  These are Physical and Occupational Therapists registered in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York who have been providing functional testing and understand the demands of work.  We are experienced industrial Physical and Occupational Therapists, which means we understand workers and can return them to work or determine their abilities to help in case closure.  Our evaluators are also instructed in the Matheson System with 30+ years of experience in the field.