Office & Manufacturing


what is it?

IHMS's Office & Manufacturing Trainings & Workshops are designed to reduce the risk of ergonomic and other soft tissue musculoskeletal injuries, and can be designed specifically for those employees who work in an office or manufacturing setting.  The workshops teach safe work behavior and body mechanics through actual practice of the techniques being communicated.  We also teach appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises that can be performed on the job.

Emphasis will be placed on motivating employees to accept responsibility for the setup of their workstations and the care of their bodies. They will be taught the misconception of “ergonomic equipment” as the primary solution for aches and pains. Workers are encouraged to regard themselves as industrial athletes who must have a body that is fit for the job and that resists fatigue day after day and year after year. This is a positive, dynamic, interactive, and educational experience for all participants.  


our goal:

Participants should be better able to:


what are the options?

*All trainings/workshops are customized to the customer's request. 


what are some common topics?

*All training is tailored to your request and includes employee participation.


who provides the service?

“THE BODY MECHANICS.”  These are Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Athletic Trainers registered in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York, who have strong manual therapy expertise and ergonomic certification.  We are experienced industrial clinicians which means we understand workers and can provide services with minimal disruption to the work cycle.  We bring our expertise to you.


Injury & Health Management Solutions, Inc. appreciates the time you have taken to review and consider our services.  Our pledge to you is consistent, quality care and consultation administered by experienced professionals specializing in the services and programs they provide.  Should you have any questions, concerns or would like additional information please feel free to call us at (802) 655-7575.