Client Testimonials

"I just want to thank you for all the work that IHMS has put into making our plant a healthier and safer place to work. • The PBM Program has allowed our employees to have a great resource at our facility to reach out to and get early intervention for any of their physical concerns which has prevented many injuries in our facility each year. In addition, IHMS has been key in helping a certain few individuals sort out their own personal health matters, which of course trickles into their work life. Your guidance has been a welcome support to many, whether job related or not. • The Post Offer Pre-Employment Screening that IHMS put in place has undoubtedly saved us from hiring people who would have been high risk of injury or were not strong enough to do our job tasks. This test has proven to make sure we have new employees who have the physical ability to perform our physical jobs. • The Job Analysis’ and ergonomic recommendations have greatly helped us define some of our most common positions, as far as the exact needs required (lifting, bending, standing, etc.) to complete our jobs. This better helps us put the right people into the right positions and help us, as safety professionals, to better understand the ergonomic risks on the floor and prioritize ergonomic changes. "
Jamie BlaiseSafety Team Leader
"As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor working with injured Vermonters I have come to rely on Injury and Health Management Solutions (IHMS) for high quality rehabilitation services. I find their Functional Capacity Evaluations to be an invaluable tool in determining an individual’s safe capabilities for returning to work. If I provide specific questions for the evaluation invariably those questions are answered in detail and often with insight that goes far beyond what I have come to expect from other programs. Their approach and report are individualized and are not the result of a cookie-cutter approach. Format and content are always concise and readable. Should I have additional questions, program staff is always receptive and responsive to me. Simply put, IHMS is far and away the best resource available in Vermont to assist with physical rehabilitation and clarifying safe work capacities. My job would be much harder if they were not available to me and my clients. "
Jay SpiegelVocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Catamount Case Management
"Injury and Health Management has not only helped to reduce our worker’s compensation claim dollars by over 50% from 3 years ago, they have worked to reduce the number of claims filed by an equal amount. It was the City’s intention to find ways to provide support to their employees who were experiencing aches and pains from the years of physical labor involved in their jobs. IHMS has provided education, treatment and hope to our employees who range from police officers, firefighters, pipe installers, road crews, electric light crews, airport and parks maintenance crew and librarians. I can’t think of any other group that provides such a great service to our employees with such dramatic results."
Sue TrainorAssistant to the Chief Administrative Officer
City of Burlington
"The team at IHMS is an integral part of our environmental, health and safety management system and consistently provides best-in-class service and guidance for the myriad of ergonomic risks and conditions we see in our manufacturing and office environments. At the heart of our program, IHMS staff help proactively identify and mitigate ergonomic risks while simultaneous responding to complaints, implementing robust controls, and driving ergonomic improvements across the business. The team has contributed to a significant reduction in workplace injuries at our site and continues to help promote a safety-first culture for our staff."
Nathan HillSr. Manager, EH&S & Facilities – Mission Systems
"When it comes to Ergonomics benefiting your employees; IHMS has the services to provide you to have a strong workplace ergonomics process. Their services were simple to initiate, and are an injury prevention measure and wellness benefit to the company. IHMS has assisted in the overall improvement of our safety culture. Employees are engaged when meeting with IHMS and absorb the information to maintain proper body mechanics on the job, and understand the importance."
Heather Cotto, COHCSafety Engineer | EHS
Global Foundries
"The recent major storm restoration efforts [orchestrated by Green Mountain Power and their workers, is supported greatly by the] guidance and support of your team [who] is making a huge difference in strength, flexibility and listening to your body. We are at a 10 year injury low!!!!"
Eliza WilcoxLeader of Human Resources and Safety
Green Mountain Power
"It has been a pleasure working with the professionals at IHMS since 2006. They have a knowledgeable, trusting and caring staff who have helped strengthen our PBM & ergonomic program for the health and wellness of our employees. We look forward to their visits and value our relation with IHMS as a trusted partner."
Abe FitchSafety Manager
"Since beginning our work with IHMS several years ago, our Vermont Teddy Bear employees have developed a culture of ergonomic awareness and injury prevention. IHMS’ Preventative Body Maintenance program has been an invaluable tool in recognizing and treating aches and pains before they become injuries. The services offered by IHMS, including POPE Screenings, PBM, on-site PT, wellness talks, and customized stretch & exercise routines, have played an instrumental role in reducing repetitive trauma incident rates and corresponding claims by more than 50%. Working with the enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff at IHMS has been a rewarding partnership which has surpassed all expectations."
Cathy CarlisleDirector of Manufacturing
Vermont Teddy Bear