Patient Survey

Please take a moment to fill out our patient survey. The survey may be anonymous if you like. We take our feedback seriously and use it as a way of re-evaluating our services to provide the best possible care for our clients.

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Do you feel the therapist is knowledgeable in his or her field?

Do you feel the therapist is polite and respectful toward you and your privacy?

How well did the therapist help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan during your appointments?

Please rate the availability of hours to have your service performed.

Do you feel the therapist takes time so not to rush thru the appointment, meeting or class?

Was the exam area and equipment neat and clean?

Would you recommend IHMS to other companies, family, and friends?

How well do you feel your therapist integrated your own personal goals into treatment?

If you are calling to schedule a service, are we able to give you an acceptable date and time?

Please rate your overall experience with IHMS.