Customer Survey

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Do you feel the therapist is knowledgeable in his or her field?

Do you feel the therapist is polite and respectful toward you and other employees?

How well does the IHMS Staff listen to you or your employees’ needs and concerns??

How well does the staff member help you or your employees to understand the aches, pains or questions during the service scheduled?

Please rate the availability of hours to have your service performed.

Do you feel the therapist takes time so not to rush thru the appointment, meeting or class?

Do you feel IHMS staff is available through phone, email or to be seen at our clinic?

Was the exam area and equipment neat and clean?

Should an issue arise, are we able to solve the issue quickly, how helpful is the therapist?

Does IHMS staff treat you with the utmost privacy and respect?

How do you feel about your understanding of all the services we provide and how they will impact your company, and provide savings?

Would you recommend IHMS to other companies, family, and friends?

How would you rate communication with your primary therapist on-site?

When you have called our office is the person who answers the phone friendly and polite?

Are your questions answered? Do we return your phone calls promptly?

If you are calling to schedule a service, are we able to give you a date and time?

Were reports, summaries, or feedback from on-site visits received within a timely manner?

How well did the information you receive in those reports meet your needs and expectations?

How well do you feel that IHMS follows through on outlined plans, schedules and yearly goals?

Overall please rate your experience with IHMS.

(Any specific information that you could provide on how IHMS has impacted your company (i.e. cost savings, decreased numbers of recordable, decrease in Workers Compensation premiums) would be greatly appreciated)