Job Analysis

What is it:

The IHMS ADA Job Analysis is a comprehensive, valid, and easy to use system for ADA compliance.  By documenting the specific essential physical demands, skills, and agility required of the specific position(s) chosen, a Job Analysis will assist Vermont Marble Power Division of Omya in establishing and maintaining ADA- compliant job descriptions.  The Job Analysis may also be used to:

  • Inform prospective employees about the job during the interview process.
  • Provide information to medical and vocational providers about physical job requirements.
  • Design Post Offer/Pre-Employment Screens (POPES) to provide for safer placement of new hires.
  • Develop a modified duty return-to-work program that allows the employee to remain productive during the recovery process.
  • Develop customized fitness and exercise programs.

The Job Analysis will be performed by a highly trained industrial therapist. All of IHMS’s therapists specialize in industrial rehabilitation, with an emphasis on treating and preventing workplace injuries.  Some of the post-graduate studies pertinent to this proposal include Ergonomic Job Analysis, Occupational Ergonomics focusing on Work Evaluations, Ergonomic Analysis in the Workplace, and Dynamics of Work Analysis.  

Who Provides the Service:

"THE BODY MECHANICS" These are Physical/Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers registered in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York who have strong manual therapy expertise and ergonomic certification. We are experienced industrial physical/occupational therapists, which mean we understand workers and can provide services with minimal disruption to the work cycle. We bring our expertise to you.

Our Motto:

“Restoration and Education of Efficient Movement, Function, Productivity, Health and Life”

Background Qualifications:

Injury and Health Management Solutions, Inc. (IHMS) is a consulting company specializing in work injury management.  The specialized staff is made up of registered physical and occupational therapists with over 20+ years experience in physical and occupational therapy, with specialization in industrial rehabilitation, orthopedics, and manual therapy.  We are well recognized as experts in our field and are contracted in the legal arena to serve as an expert witness in trials. 


For a Cost Proposal, please call our office at (802) 655-7575