IHMS specializes in Functional Capacity Testing and Ergonomics using the Matheson System. Louise Lynch PT, CEES, CWCE is certified in both FCE and Ergonomics and has been teaching for Roy Matheson since 1995. Erica Galipeau PT, CEES, CWCE is also certified and has been teaching since 2003. We use the Matheson software for FCE and Ergonomics.

We provide mentoring for individuals who have had the initial RMA training in FCE. You can come to our clinic in beautiful Vermont, and work under our supervision while providing services to actual clients. The mentorship program is designed to meet your specific needs. We will design a training program specifically for you that allows you to observe an evaluation, perform evaluations, and write up a report that will not only allow you to be certain to receive certification, but also meet your referral sources need to answer the questions they posed to you in the first place.

The program is individualized to meet your specific needs. If you are interested, contact us directly from this website, or call the office and we will send you an application packet.