Erica M. Galipeau, PT-CEES, CWCE

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Erica Galipeau, PT,CEES,CWCE is the Vice President of Injury & Health Management Solutions Inc., and a registered Physical Therapist and Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist. She is a skilled manual therapist whose goal is to provide companies with top notch industrial rehabilitation. These services include injury prevention training, work risk assessments, job analysis, individual job site assessments and ergonomic consultation. Her focus is to help companies prevent injuries and help get their injured workers back to work quickly and safely. She is currently the on site Physical Therapist and Ergonomic Specialist for Goodrich Aerospace.

Quote or Philosophy:

"Successful is the person who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of children, who leaves the world better than they found it, who never lacked appreciation for the earth's beauty, who never fails to look for the best in others or give the best of themselves."