Baseline Physical Testing

What is it:

A baseline test is a tool to promote a healthy workforce. This service aims to measure employees' strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination, as it relates to the functional job demands and the potential for injury in a particular job. There are significant risk factors for soft tissue injuries for employees who are not in good physical condition and are not participating in strengthening and stretching exercise on a regular basis. 

Employees who choose to participate are given a 10-15 minute screening. If an employee is found to be at risk of injury based on the results of testing they are set up on an individual program to work on improving their functional strength and flexibility. Employees would be retested on a two month interval for the first six months to answer questions related to exercise and stretching and ensure employee follow-through. The employees would then be placed on a maintenance program and re-evaluated every six months. All data would be tracked in a database and a report will be provided to the employer.

Who Provides the Service:

"THE BODY MECHANICS" These are Physical/Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers registered in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York who have strong manual therapy expertise and ergonomic certification. We are experienced industrial physical/occupational therapists, which mean we understand workers and can provide services with minimal disruption to the work cycle. We bring our expertise to you.

Our Motto:

“Restoration and Education of Efficient Movement, Function, Productivity, Health and Life.”


The goal of this program is to provide the workforce with a customized workout based on their specific needs. This will help to reduce the risk of injury and provide the employer with knowledge of "trouble areas" among the work force. IHMS will give updates on scores to help determine the effectiveness of this program and the progress of the workers.

Philosophy of Our Service:

Injury & Health Management Solutions, Inc. (IHMS) restores and promotes efficient movement and function, which leads to improved productivity, health, and a better life. We believe that teaching workers’ how their body works, how to move and work efficiently, and how to restore overall health, is the best way to prevent injuries and provide cost savings. We are known by local workers as “The Body Mechanics”. We are able to quickly evaluate and treat soft tissue discomforts before they become a lost time injury.

Background Qualifications:

Injury and Health Management Solutions, Inc. (IHMS) is a consulting company specializing in work injury management. The specialized staff is made up of registered physical and occupational therapists with over 20 years experience in physical and occupational therapy, with specialization in industrial rehabilitation, orthopedics, and manual therapy. We are well recognized as experts in our field.


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