Post Offer Pre-Emp Screen

What is it:

Post Offer Pre-Employment Screenings provide the employer with information that ensures all new employees have the physical capacity to meet the critical job demands. In doing so, the risk of potential injury due to a work/worker mismatch is minimized. In order for this type of testing to meet ADA requirements, the steps below must be undertaken and updated on a yearly basis.

Steps to an ADA compliant Post Offer Pre-Employment Screen:

  • A thorough job analysis that outlines both the essential job functions and the critical job demands must be completed for each job category tested.  The employer must sign off on the accuracy of the analysis.
  • A pre-employment test must be designed.  A protocol as to the test procedure and its compliance with ADA must be outlined.  The protocol must be signed by the employer and IHMS representative providing the testing.
  • The test procedure must be validated.  This is done by testing current employees of the specific job being tested.  Worker input on the accuracy of testing the essential job functions must be documented.  If necessary, the procedure should be revised.  This documents the reliability and content validity of the test procedure to ensure it is "job related."
  • A policy should be put in place outlining the use of the test procedure as a "Fit for Duty" test as well and what occurs if a returning employee does not meet the essential job functions.
  • The test procedure is then used on all incoming employees of a particular job classification who have been given a "conditional" job offer.
  • Yearly, there should be a review of the job description to ensure no changes have been made to the work requirements.  Adverse impact should also be measured on a yearly basis to ensure that the test does not discriminate against a protected class.

Who Provides the Service:

"THE BODY MECHANICS" These are Physical/Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers registered in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York who have strong manual therapy expertise and ergonomic certification. We are experienced industrial physical/occupational therapists, which mean we understand workers and can provide services with minimal disruption to the work cycle. We bring our expertise to you.

Our Motto:

“Restoration and Education of Efficient Movement, Function, Productivity, Health and Life.”


IHMS will use research and tools to analyze the job's physical demand and determine if there is causality with the symptoms of the injured area.

Philosophy of Our Service:

Injury & Health Management Solutions, Inc. (IHMS) restores and promotes efficient movement and function, which leads to improved productivity, health, and a better life. We believe that teaching workers’ how their body works, how to move and work efficiently, and how to restore overall health, is the best way to prevent injuries and provide cost savings. We are known by local workers as “The Body Mechanics”. We are able to quickly evaluate and treat soft tissue discomforts before they become a lost time injury.

Background Qualifications:

Injury and Health Management Solutions, Inc. (IHMS) is a consulting company specializing in work injury management. The specialized staff is made up of registered physical and occupational therapists with over 20 years experience in physical and occupational therapy, with specialization in industrial rehabilitation, orthopedics, and manual therapy. We are well recognized as experts in our field.


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