Ergonomics Evaluation

The IHMS Ergonomic Evaluation is a comprehensive, valid, and easy to use system for injury prevention.  IHMS uses multiple ergonomic tools to determine the level of risk, which will better help us in coming up with a cost effective solution that will meet your needs. The data from these comprehensive reports can also be used to set up specific ergonomic training and solutions to your ergonomic issues. It should be noted that there is still significant disagreement as to the exposure level of each of these risk factors or if soft tissue injuries can be directly related to only work activities.  This is the reason we use at least four different tools to estimate risk. These can be utilized for most any occupation including manufacturing, office and service.  

IHMS also provides offices with “Ergonomic Walk Through” where a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist will perform a walkthrough with your employees at their computer workspace and perform 10-15 minute evaluations to identify ergonomic risk factors, prevent injury and promote health. IHMS staff will typically complete 4-6 evaluations per hour. This is a great injury prevention and wellness benefit for your employees.