About Us

Injury & Health Management Solutions, Inc. (IHMS) is a profitable and successful rehabilitation (PT, OT, AT), injury prevention and health promotion business. IHMS was incorporated by Louise Lynch with the State of Vermont as a “S-Corporation” in February of 2003.

Louise, as the principal partner, envisioned IHMS in the late 1990’s as a way to live her passion of promoting health and preventing injuries in the workplace. After working 17 year in the profession, she had become frustrated in treating injuries that she felt could be prevented and working for organizations that did not allow her to work to her maximum potential.

Erica Galipeau was a student intern for Louise in the late 1990’s. After her graduation from the University of Vermont in 1999, she was hired by Louise and worked under Louise’s supervision with a prior employer.  After working successfully together for 3 years, Erica helped Louise with the early development of IHMS and was integral to starting and running the business from the start up. 

IHMS is owned and operated by Louise F. Lynch, PT and Erica Galipeau. Louise and Erica are experts in the field of Industrial Rehabilitation and lecture around the world for Roy Matheson & Associates. They have worked together as team to achieve the success of IHMS. They have hired a phenomenal staff who is able to work toward their mission each day in an atmosphere of camaraderie, humor and advanced knowledge in their field.

A closer look at IHMS: